Our Vision for Birth

Well informed future mothers consciously choosing active birth as the best way for them, their children and families.

The Active Birth is completely natural and healthy process. Every woman has the capabilities and wisdom needed to go through it. Even more, going through that natural process in the presence of loving people is the best possible way for the baby, his mother and the whole family. It gives wonderful beginning of relationships between the child and his parents in order to start their parenting with joy, fulfillment and self-confidence. Every woman who is well aware of the numerous advantages of Active Birth and the perfect mechanisms of her own body, designed to ensure optimal performance, would prefer exactly that way of giving birth.

Legal, institutional and material background which:

  • Encourages Active Birth and ensures protection of its main principles;
  • Respects the right for free choice concerning everything about pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Allows women to give birth at the place and in the presence of people, who will give them security and support;

The legislators consider the fact that in every aspect – healthful, emotional, and financial – the Active Birth is the best choice for the whole society. The laws and regulations actively encourage that choice excluding the cases of absolute medical contra-indications, and require implementation of the main principles of Active Birth, accepted by WHO and by all developed countries:

  • The birth starts spontaneously.
  • Laboring woman has freedom to move during all the time including pushing.
  • Laboring woman constantly receives emotional, mental and physical support.
  • The individuality of every labor woman and newborn is respected. Every birth is unique. Routine interventions are avoided.
  • The baby and his mother are not separated after birth. Their initial bond is encouraged.

The right of free choice is applied in practice. The woman prepares a plan for birth. She consults preliminary and think out all the details concerning her and her baby. The documents about informative agreement (informative disagreement) are commonly available so that the labor woman is informed in advance.

The woman makes free choice about the place, where she wants to give birth – hospital, birth center, at home, and about the people who want to be there.

At the chosen place and with loving people, she feels protected and secure, she can calm down and focus on labor, which to great extend is instinctive. The woman who gives birth actively is calm and confident. Just assisting her body, she allows it to do the main job.

Trained doctors, midwives and specialized non-medical personnel encourage women in their deliberate choice of Active Birth. They respect the needs, desires and preferences of the future mother and her family and take into account the natural physiology of the process.

The doctors are convinced that in most cases Active Birth is the best way. They proactively provide such information to the future mothers and give them confidence in their capabilities to deliver their baby actively.

The communication between pregnant woman and medical personnel is on such level that all decisions considering birth and the period just after it are as a result of informative choice taken by both sides.

The behavior of medical personnel during birth is human to the laboring woman, her newborn and family. The staff has the needed skills and motivation to give her emotional, psychological and physical support maintaining the principles of Active Birth.