19th ENCA Meeting Held in Bulgaria

The 19th annual meeting of the European Network of Childbirth Associations (ENCA) took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 28-30, 2010.

During the event, the ENCA representatives had the opportunity to visit maternity and neonatal ward of Tokuda Hospital and to get acquainted with the practices of one of the most modern and luxurious hospitals in Sofia, built upon a Japanese model. European birth activists exchanged their views and experience on childbirth with midwives and obstetricians from Tokuda Hospital, as well as shared best evidence-based practices on monitoring low-risk pregnancies and natural birth in their countries.

According to the main goal of ENCA annual meetings, the participants discussed country reports, sharing the most recent developments on issues concerning pregnancy, childbirth, maternity services and related public policies in their countries. Birth activists also set the main topic for the World Respecting Childbirth Week (WRCW) 2011, held each year in May and discussed other opportunities to raise public awareness on subjects like maternity care and preventing violence against women in labour.

Participants from France, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria took part in the 19th annual meeting of ENCA.

The ENCA event in Sofia coincided with the First International Conference on Childbirth “Birth with Love and Wisdom”, held on May 29-30, 2010. Some of the ENCA representatives were speakers at the conference as well.

About ENCA

The European Network of Childbirth Associations was launched 1993 in Frankfurt, Germany on the initiative of the German partners "GfG," which stays for "Society for childbirth education". ENCA is a network of organisations campaigning for improvements in perinatal care for mothers and babies. The consumer activists, parents and childbirth educators who join ENCA, recognise the necessity of developing strategies to improve conditions in pregnancy, birth and for the post partum period throughout Europe.


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